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Curt Harper

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My wife and I moved to Durango from Green Bay in 1998. We’re still Packer backers, but please don’t hold that against us. I worked in real estate in Wisconsin for over 25 years and here since 2002. While I definitely work with buyers and sellers in and around Durango, I’m especially interested in assisting newcomers to find a home in Durango.

Before moving to Durango, my wife, our daughters, and I checked out Big Sky, Bozeman, and Red Lodge in Montana. We also spent time in Driggs, Idaho, Logan, Utah, and Dillon and Frisco, in Northern Colorado. In addition, we investigated Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico. There’s no doubt in our mind, Durango is the nicest small town in the west.

Durango has so much to offer. Of course, there’s the spectacular natural beauty with great hiking, biking, boating, fishing, hunting, and skiing. On the practical side, it easy to get around town, there’s good shopping and dining, we have a newer hospital, a fantastic recreation center, good air service, and a newer library right along the scenic seven mile river trail that runs right through town. And have you heard about our weather? It is fantastic. We have four seasons with moderate summers and winters, a topsy-turvy spring, and a glorious autumn.

Durango is not for everyone but if living a life well played fits your retirement goals, then we should talk. Please checkout my website at www.retiredurango.com for information on Durango and how to contact me. Thank you.


P. S. Two more things, first of all, when we came to Durango we didn’t have any grandchildren and now we have eight. Secondly, I do think living in Durango can extend you life span. With regard to the grandchildren, I don’t know how that is related but I do know they love to visit Grammy and Papa with all of the things to do here. We have a great time with them. Concerning my second thought, I’m a fitness/wellness expert of sorts (MS in Physical Education from Utah State and MA in Biology from Humboldt (CA) State), with all of the recreational opportunities in this very health conscious town I truly believe you will live longer and with a higher quality of life by being here. Ask me about this and I will elaborate and in the mean time please checkout, “The Blue Zone,” and “Thrive” by Dan Buettner. Thanks again.

P. P. S. When I came across the following paragraph I knew I had to add it to this Bio. It was written by Allen Morris Jones and published in “Bugle,” the magazine of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, January 2013. “If you’re lucky in this life, if you’re very fortunate, you’ll eventually find yourself living in a place that feels indispensable to you, that’s uniquely yours, a landscape toward which you feel a deep umbilical tug. A certain horizon line, a particular arrangement of hills, a specific odor of sun and dust and grass. Ortega y Gasset famously said, “I am I and my surroundings.” Where we are, he thought informs who we are.” I feel that way about Durango and I think you should check it out.

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